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The Secret, Personal Journal of Derek C. F. Pegritz

Derek C. F. Pegritz
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I am a complete waste of flesh.
!!!, alphaville, alt-country, ambient, and one, aphex twin, architect, artificial intelligence, asia, aubrey de grey, bioengineering, black holes, blue rodeo, borghesia, caitlin r. kiernan, cevin key, charles stross, clap your hands, clive barker, cobra starship, cognitive science, comateens, composition, computers, comus, cormac mccarthy, cosmicism, croatia, cthulhu, cybernetics, dan simmons, daniel meier, david zindell, delerium, disco, doo-wop, duran duran, editors, emerson lake and palmer, enemy mine, english, erlend oye, ethereal, folk music, front line assembly, funk, gary numan, genetic engineering, genetics, gentle giant, george jones, goth rock, gothic, great old ones, h. p. lovecraft, haujobb, hiphop, horror fiction, idm, indie rock, industrial music, industry, internet, joel garreau, johnny cash, judge dredd, junior boys, jupiter, kansas, kings of convenience, laibach, literature, lustmord, madness, mars, martha and the vandellas, marty robbins, men women and children, mentallo & the fixer, ministry, mouse on mars, music, mythology, nanotechnology, new wave, nick bostrom, noise unit, nyarlathotep, ohgr, other gods, otto von schirach, out-hud, patsy cline, pink floyd, plus-minus, pluto, pop music, porcupine tree, post-punk, prog-rock, progressive rock, psychology, quantum physics, ray kurzweil, relativity, revolting cocks, richard c. wright, robotics, romania, s. t. joshi, saturn, say yeah, science fiction, sean stewart, singularity, singularity institute, ska, skinny puppy, spacetime engineering, special aka, spock's beard, strawberry alarm clock, sunshine underground, synaesthesia, the bravery, the cadillacs, the czars, the five satins, the jayhawks, the killers, the marcells, the moonglows, the rakes, the scofflaws, the sound, the specials, tim o'reagan, transhumanism, triphop, van der graaf generator, vernor vinge, waylon jennings, weird fiction, whitest boy alive, willie nelson